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90% of startups fail. The most prominent reason for such failures is lack of proper management system. We arepProviding an automated management system.

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A membership service for Enterprises, by an Enterprise – at less than 1% of the annual salary of a management trainee.

  • Improvung Productivity?
  • Optimizing Capital Utilization?
  • Reducing cost of capital
  • Reducing cost of business?
  • Improving quality  standards?
  • Improving Customer satisfaction?


  • Have access to Tools and Techniques for Management.
  • Enroll your managers and team leaders and equip them with management skills.
  • Use Management Automation software applications for:
    • Identifying Management Objectives (Ready and available during free trial period)
    • Conduct Requirement Analysis
    • Conducting SWOT Analysis
    • Conductubg Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
    • Cash Management
    • Cost Management 
    • And more…
  • You have free access to upgrades of all software applications during your membership tenure.

Enhance Management Capabilities of your management team at less than 1% the cost of emplying a Managemtn Trainee!


In my decade long experience in conducting training in Project Management concpets and associated software tools like Primavera and Microsoft Office Project, I found that the trainees’ exposure management systems was almost zero. This is true even in the case of working executives. 

Merely launching a software product may not actually help the users –  they will need some training in outing the software tool to proper use and benefit from the usage.

  • Membership Tenure 12 months.
  • Current GEMS Membership Plans – E1 and T1 – Starting on April 1,2018 and closing on April 30,2018 
  • Enjoy access to Knowledge Base – get exposure to management concepts and methodologies.
  • Download and install unlimited copies of all software applications.


The price of GEMS membership E1 plan is based on the US National average salary for a management trainee. It was found to be US$63,259(source: Glassdoor website)

With the first month free, and US$60 for 10 months, the cost of GEMS membership is US$600/year – it is less than 1% of the US National Average.

The T1 plan is free for emplyees of E1 members. An E1 member can enroll unlimited T1 members


All software will be released in the form a MicroSuite.

Intended titles are:

  1. Objective Lister
  2. Requirement Analysis
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. TWOS Analysis
  5. Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
  6. Action Plan
  7. Cost Management
  8. Cash Flow Management
  9. Minimum Viable Product Definer
  10. Quality Management 


A Micro tool is a set of  software applications -each  with a single,specific  feature. Instead of developing a monolithic software application with lot of features, A MicroSuite consists of multiple applications – each with a single, specific feature. 


All of us have used some conventional desktop applications in our lives. We are also aware that we did have opportunity to use all features of the software. Apart from this, we had to spend some time effort to become familiar with the software.

Now, consider this situation –

  • You start using a software with a single basic feature.
  • And then you have features you want in subsequent micro application versions.
  • You can also have feature changed – to suit you requirements.
  • In short you have software with only those features that you want. 


  • Offline software applications have some inherent benefit: The software and all data associated with the software is in your domain – data security is limited only by the security of your domain.
  • Software performance is not affected by internet speed or bandwidth.
  • Offline software applications have some drawbacks as well – You will have to buy a new version or upgrade, when it is available.

On the other hand, SAAS services have the following benefits:

  • You are not bothered about software versions or upgrades.
  • You pay for actual use.

The Drawbacks of the SAAS model are:

  • Your data is not in your domain – the security of your data is not under your control.
  • usage is affected by internet bandwitdh and speed.

In order to give the best of both models,

  • GEMS is designed for offline access.
  • Although offline, you enjoy free upgrades and versions without any further cost.