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HEMA is a Membership Plan with a product-service combo. HEMA contains

  1. Online Training in Management Practice – Register your company and also your management team.
  2. Software applications for performing management tasks – Install unlimited number of copies of software applications that come with HEMA.

HEMA makes Enterprise Management affordable to Small and Medium Businesses.

Typical problems faced by Small and Medium Business Organizations

Often, a passion for doing something different is one of the key reasons for the launch of a business.

At times, many of us start a venture to offer a solution to some problem (My venture fall in this category).

But more often, after the launch, many business orgainzations start suffering from a wide range of problems, the prominent ones being:

  • Cash Flow management
  • Employees not enthusiastic about their involvement
  • Inventory that is not moving or moving very slowly
  • Unsold finished products or service
  • Very few customers come back again
  • Competition from big enterprises

Added to these problems, the SMAC (Social media,Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) factors have rendered the markets volatile – customer preferences change drastically – leading to unsold inventory 

What can you do with HEMA?
  1. You and your management team can learn and adopt management practice.
  2. Plan, Manage and track Cash Flow
  3. Identify Process bottle necks and rectify them
  4. Improve customer satisfaction
  5. Improve Emplyee engagement and work satisfaction
  6. Improve capital utilization.
  7. Improve stakeholder management
Join Now, Recister your company, for a free 30 day trial. No Credit Card required.

Some popular management methodologies are:

  • Management By Objectives – Identify nusiness objectives and use SMART techniques(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant,Time) criteria.
  • Management By Exception – A management style where an issue is brought before the management only if there is a significant deviation from a basic plan.
  • Agile Business Management – gives the business the ability to respond to market or environment issues rapidly
  • Management By Projects – Use Project management methodologies to achieve specific objectives or goals.
  • HEMA allows combination of various methodologies that help in keeping the business healthy and agile. 

we all know that software applications make work easy.sing software to perform a task is known as automation. Automation reduces errors and effort. Automating Management functions can be a solution to the adopting a management framework by small business organizations.

Some important management functions are:

  • Process Improvement
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Product Refinement
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Customer Support
  • Complaint Management

Some tools and techniques used in management are

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Decision Analysis
  • Cause and effect analysis

In my 12 yeras of experience in teaching project management, I have understood that a software application is useless when you are clueless about how to use it.

This fact resulted in the development of a holistice solution – A combination of Online Training program and Software applications – Holistic Enterprise Management and Adminstration(HEMA)

The Pricing formula:
  1. It is a known fact that the average salary of a fresh Management Graduate is about $62,359 per year. 
  2. Then, the average monthly cost of hiring a Fresh Management Graduate will be $5,196.58
  3. This monthly cost has been taken as the bench mark for calculating the price for HEMA membership 
PlanMonthly feeKey BenefitsApproximate cost per member per month
HEMA Silver$ 98.00Enroll up to six members of your management team$ 16.33
HEMA Gold$ 198.00Enroll up to fifteen members of your management teams$ 13.20
HEMA Diamond$ 298.00Enroll any number of members from your management teams$ 9.93 (30 team members)
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HEMA Release Schedule for the period August 5,2018 To September 10,2018

ItemNameContent TypeRelease Date
1EntrepreneurshipLessonAug 5, 2018
2Knowledge baseLessonAug 6, 2018
3Good Corporate governanceLessonAug 7, 2018
4Bad Corporate GovernanceLessonAug 8, 2018
5Unethical deedsLessonAug 9, 2018
6FoolishnessLessonAug 10, 2018
7The enemy withinLessonAug 11, 2018
8Handling professionals and expertsLessonAug 12, 2018
9Professional EthicsLessonAug 13, 2018
10Interpersonal SkillsLessonAug 14, 2018
11Personnel ManagementLessonAug 15, 2018
12Handling Adverse SituationsLessonAug 16, 2018
13ObservationLessonAug 17, 2018
14Enterprise level securityLessonAug 18, 2018
15Administration and ManagementLessonAug 19, 2018
16Identifying ObjectivesLessonAug 20, 2018
Identifying ObjectivesLessonAug 21, 2018
Identifying ObjectivesLessonAug 31, 2018
17Amiaghu V18R1 (Beta)ApplicationAug 23, 2018
18Stakeholder AnalysisLessonAug 24, 2018
19Possitive StakeholdersLessonAug 25, 2018
20Bad CompanyLessonAug 26, 2018
21Wrong companyLessonAug 27, 2018
22Competition AnalysisLessonAug 28, 2018
Competition AnalysisLessonAug 29, 2018
23Enemy withinLessonAug 30, 2018
24Stakeholder AnalysisApplicationSep 10, 2018
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