Grow your business using Management ByProjects framework

What is Management By Projects Framework?

Management By Projects (MBP) framework uses methods, tools and techniques that are used for project management

How MBP will help grow my business?

The basic approach of MBP is to break down a management objective into projects – each project delivers an outcome that is aligned with the main objective.

For example, Let us assume that increasing profits is the objective.

This objective can be broken down to:

  1. 1). Identifying wastage of time,effort and money
  2. 2). Planning and executing strategies to elimnate or reduce the wastages,
  3. 3). Conduct value analysis of products/services
  4. 4). Implement result of value analysis
  5. 5). Conduct Market Trend Analysis

Each item in the list can be considered, planned and executed as a project.

Project management standards help in ensuring success, identify and tackle risk and to avoid failure.

The scope of each project can be adjusted and aligned to the main objective, while responding to changes in the market conditions. The ability to quickly respond to change is known as Agile approach.


Why should a functional manager know project management?

The main advantage is the possiblity of combining funxtional expertise with project management knowledge reduces the risk due judgmental errors that are common when a functional manager and a project manager team up.

How to learn Project Management?

We have launched an Online Embedded Training on Management By Projects.


Price list for Online Embedded training in Management By Projects (MBP)

Minimum Batch Size
per compnay
List Price
per Participant
Inaugural DiscountInaugural Price
per Participant
Monthly InstalmentsNumber of Months


Cost calculation example: You have 6 managers enrolled for the trining. Then, it will cost you US$ 308.00 per trainee,multiplied by 6 trainees = US$ 1,824.00. You can pay this amount in 2 monthly installments of US $912.00 per month.


3 steps to start the training program:

Step 1: Register your company by filling this form.Read our Terms Of Service before filling the form.

Register your company now, with 14 day free trail, No Credit card needed

Step 2: You will receive an email confirming your registration. You can send details of your managers who are going to attend the training program, in a csv file, as attachment with your reply to the confirmation email.

Step 3: Your managers start their training.

Note: Your 14 day trial period starts on the day your managers start attending the training.


What can I learn during the training?

While undergoing this online training, you will:learn and gain hands on experience in:

  1. Creating a list of Strategic or Management Objectives
  2. Decomposing Strategic Objectives into sub objectives using methods like SWOT analysis
  3. in
    1. > Initiating,
    2. > Planning,
    3. > Executing,
    4. > Monitoring and Controling and
    5. > Closing a projects
  4. Using 49 processes in following 10 knowledge areas:
    1. 1. Project Integration Management
    2. 2. Project Scope Management
    3. 3. Project Schedule Management
    4. 4. Project Cost Management
    5. 5. Project Quality Management
    6. 6. Project Resource Management
    7. 7. Project Communication Management
    8. 8. Project Procurement Management
    9. 9. Project Risk Management
    10. 10. Project Stakeholder Management
  5. Using methods like
    1. 1. Multi Criteria Decision analysis
    2. 2. Quality Control methods like
      1. a). Pareto Analysis
      2. b). Cause-Effect Analysis
      3. c). Statistical Analysis methods

By the time you complete the training, you will have at least 1 successful project in your career track record.


Who can be trained in Management By Projects?

  1. 1. Production Managers
  2. 2. Sales Managers
  3. 3. Marketing Managers
  4. 4. Finance Managers
  5. 5. Product design Managers


What is the assessment process?

  • The training is divided into 6 Units and more than 60 topics.
  • At the end of each topic, you will have to apply the concept in your work and submit document in proof of having applied the concept. 
  • Your submission of document proof of application of concept in your work is the main assignment.
  • Other types of assignments can be included as and when required.
  • It is recommended that you adopt stand up meeting as a regular practice in your daily work schedule. Stand up meetings  are conducted by managers with their respective teams to assess and plan the day’s work.Stand up meetings should not last for more than 15-20 minutes.
  • Each topic is planned to fit into a Stand up meeting schedule –
    • to be learnt
    • and to be applied
  • You will need your team’s participation to ensure each process is properly understood and executed.

Will there be a loss of productivity during the training?

No. You do not have to sacrifice your productivity to join the training. The tarining is planned to be part of your daily activities.


How much time will I need to devote to each topic?

Each topic has been planned in such a way that you will need about 10-15 minutes/day to go through . You will need to apply the concpets in your work as soon as possible.

How long will the training be?

The training is composed of 60 sessions. Each session is expected to be completed in 1 day. You can expect the training to continue for 60 working days.

Do I get any certificate after completing the training?

Yes. You will be certified MBP Professional on successful assessment of all the assignments submitted. At the time of completing the training course, you would have executed at least one project successfully. So, apart from the certificate, you will have a track record of successful projects. 

What support is available after completing the training course?

You will have full 12 months’ access to all the topics in the training course. You can use training topics for guidance and reference.

Register now, at the inaugural price. Inaugural pffer open till October 30,2018.

Minimum Batch Size
per compnay
List Price
per Participant
Inaugural DiscountInaugural Price
per Participant
Monthly InstalmentsNumber of Months
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