The Mission

Affordable Management system for Small and Medium Enterprises

A affordable management system that helps managers of a small enterpise to equip themselves with profesional management techniques.

Automation of any process reduces the cost and stress associated with the  implementation. Thus automation of management methods Рin the form of software applications Рis an ideal solution.

In order to use such software applications, users need to know the concepts associated with the software application.

A typical example: to use Project Management software, some training in project management methodologies is required. The user buys software and also spends money, effort and time to:

  • learn to use project management software tools like Pirmavera, Microsoft Office Project etc.,
  • get trained in the priject management ¬†concepts


This is the reason for launching a combination of

  1. Concept training
  2. Training in software
  3. The software tools
  4. User can seek addition or change of features – the software applications work exactly as per the user expectations.
The Mission:

Starting with providing a basic framwork for implementing management practices, We will usher in methodologies for lean enterprise