It is true! For every Rs500,00 you invest, you can earn Rs 2,835.95 at the end of 12 months.


Let me explain about revenue sharing.

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Yes, You can earn Rs 2,850 from an investment of Rs 500 in my revenue sharing offer.


Let us start with understanding revenue sharing.

What is Revenue Sharing?

Revenue sharing as the term implies, is sharing of sales proceeds between investors. For example, If I offer 15% revenue share to you, and if my sales price is Rs 100, then you get Rs 15.00 as your share. If, I sell 100 units at Rs 100.00, then, you get rs 1,500.00 as your revenue share.


Why Revenue Share is better than Profit Share?

In a Profit sharing agreement or equity based funding, you will earn money, only when there is a profit. This is because, profit is the net money you have after paying for all expenses. There is a fat chance that you end up with ni profit to share, worse you may be sharing a loss!


In contrast, you earn money from the sales, without bothering about profits.