Make Rs 40 Lakhs per year, with Onlty Rs 2 lakhs Investment

Sell a new mobile phone accessory

– Wind based mobile phone charger

Project Highlights:

Basic Details

ProductPawanShakthi P10 – Wind based mobilw phone charger
Reseller PriceRs 1428.00
Maximim Retail PriceRs 2140.00
Gross sales Margin per UnitRs 714.00
Minimum Off take (Units)50
Suggested Minimum growth rate perr month20%
Estimated sales in the 12th Month (Units)1,238
Estimated Sales for the first 12 Month period (Units)6,430

Financial Forecast for the first 12 month period

Total Sales (units)4275
Total Sales valueRs 1,37,73,060
Purchases(Value)Rs 91,82,040
Gross Revenue(Sales-Purchases)Rs 45,91,020

Your Investment

Deposit for Business Premises(100 square feet Area)Rs 60,000.00
Business LicensesRs 5,000.00
Stock in hand (100 Units)Rs 1,42,800.00
Total InvestmentRs 2,07,800
Pay back time: in 3 months.

Product Highlights:

The First Product: Wind based Mobile phone charger P10

Description: A portable, primary charging source for all your digital devices that uses wind energy.



Output:  4.5V@2A max. Using PWM technology USB A connector


Operating wind speed: 1.5m/s ( the light breeze that you feel on your skin), Beaufort number 2


Protection: Overload fuse protection, Finger guard protection to prevent accidental touching of turbine blades. Shut down at high wind speeds


Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 12cm


New Weight: 172g

The Market:

Consider the following facts:

  • > Consumer Electronics is among the top 5 product categories sold in India.
  • > Mobile accessories are among the top 10 electronic products sold in India

Keeping  your mobile phone charged is vital to stay connected.


P10 helps in charging your phones and power banks – Anytime! Anywhere!


2 Reasons Why P10 is the new alternative for power banks

  • 1. Power banks still need to be charged from some electrical source, while P10 uses the wind to charge your phone.


  • 2. Power Banks can be charged from P10



There are 300 million smart phone users in India!

The Gyanworx Franchise Program (Pre Launch Phase)

  • 1.  Only one Franchisee per district. Franchisee Agreement on a first-come-first-serve basis. In case, more than one applicant for any specific district, then the first applicant to accept to sign Franchisee Agreement  will be allotted franchise for that district.
  • 2, Maximum of 50 Franchisees will be accepted in the Pre Launch Phase.
  • 3. Franchisee agreement for 12 Months. Franchise Agreement can be renewed for every 12 month period.
  • 4. Other products that will be developed during the franchise agreement period will also be available for reselling.
  • 5. No Franchisee fee for franchise allotment during the Pre Launch Phase. Franchise fees will be levied for franchise agreements after the Pre Launch Phase.
  • 6.1 Rs 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand Only) as advance for first 50 units of P10.
  • 6.2 The amount will be adjusted while delivering the first consignment of 50 units of P10. The invoice value of 100 units of P10 will be Rs 67,200.00(Inclusive 5% GST). The advance amount of rs 30,000.00 will be adjusted for the first 50 units of P10. Hence the adjusted invoice for the first consignment will be Rs 37,200.00. For consecutive consignments, it is payment on delivery.
  • 7 Not placing a minimum order quantity of 50 units of P10 for 2 consecutive months will result in forfeiture of franchise rights. In such a case, Gyanworx reserves the right to allot the franchise to another party.
  • 8. You can apply for franchise as an individual or as a registered company/partnership firm /unregistered partnership firm.
  • 9. If you are changing your company constitution, inform Gyanworx so that the franchise agreement can be redrafted. Redrafting of franchise agreement in such cases will be done free of cost.
  • 10. Deposit of advance amount completes the allotment of franchise for the applied district.
  • 11. Pre Launch Phase Offer closes on May 5,2019.
  • 12.  Delivery of P10 will start on July.1,2019.
Wonderful Teacher. All his students adore him. Our greatest asset for the past 12 years. Wish him all the best in his new venture.
V Vijayaraghavan
Managing Director, Parametric Solutions Private Limited, Tambaram. Chennai 600045.

About me

Raghavan S Iyer, Founder, proprietor Gyanworx Knowledgematics

Qualifications: BSc Mathematics and BE Electrical Engineering

Industrial Experience:

  • > 10 years Experience in managing design, assembly and production of precision electronic instruments.
  • > 12+ years experience in teaching Project Management, Electronic Design Automation and Engineering Design using CAD tools.
  • > Member of Panel of Design Experts Ministry of MSME, Government of India
  • > Handled Design Clinic workshop (Funded by Ministry of MSME, under the Design Clinic Scheme) for Bommasandra Industries Association, in Bangaluru, along with national Institute of Design Bangaluru.