Environment Friendly computer

Why use a mini computer that is Environment Friendly?

A mini computer that is environment friendly should lead to less carbon dioxide emission.  A typical desktop computer will consume 200 Watts of electric power for every hour of work. A desktop computer emits 50grams of carbon Dioxide for every hour of work. While there are environment friendly gadgets and vehicles, an environment friendly computer is not very popular. It is high time we considered environment friendly computers.

How Vaaman is Environment Friendly computer

Vaaman consumes less than 25 Watts of electric power. Compare this with typical desktop computers that consume 200 Watts of electric power. Considering the fact the 0.2837 Kg of CO2 is emitted to produce 1kWh of electric power, a desktop computer will cause an emission of 56 grams of CO2, for every hour of usage.

In contrast, Vaaman will cause an emission of 0.5 grams of CO2 for every hour of usage.

What is the technology used in Vaaman 42F?

Vaaman 42F is a 100% Open Source based product. The mother board (Raspberry Pi 4B, the Raspbian Buster OS and all applications installed are Open source. Open source technology is license free. All applications installed in Vaaman 42F are legally free.

What can I do with Vaaman 42F?

Play video games, watch video online, create and edit word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more.

Vaaman 42F comes with more than 50 Linux games installed.

Vaaman 42F comes with with Raspbian Buster OS installed and preloaded with a set ou applications like LibreOffice, Chromium Browser, GIMP image editing tool. You can easily install or remove applications by opening the ‘Add/Remove Applications’ menu from the ‘preferences menu.

How do I buy Vaaman 42F?

The Vaaman series comes in 8 variations/ You can choose between 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM. You can also choose memory card sizes from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Just visit our store to select your configuration, add to cart and proceed to check out.

The Vaaman series of Tiny Computers come with Raspbian Buster Operating System installed.

Available Configurations:
  1. Vaaman 42F: 2GB RAM and 32GB SD
  2. Vaaman 42G: 2GB RAM and 64GB SD
  3. Vaaman 42H: 2GB RAM and 128GB SD
  4. Vaaman 42J: 2GB RAM and 256GB SD
  5. Vaaman 44F: 4GB RAM and 32GB SD
  6. Vaaman 44G: 4GB RAM and 64GB SD
  7. Vaaman 44H: 4GB RAM and 128GB SD
  8. Vaaman 44J: 4GB RAM and 256GB SD

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