1. Satisfied Customers.
  2. Happy and Enthusiastic Workforce.
  3. A reliable Management and Administration setup.
  4. Adequate Capital.
  5. Enterprise Level Security.
  6. Well managed Stakeholders.

Deficiency in any one of these vital constituents will render the organization sick – leading to problems in the other 5 constituents – leading to the ultimate death of the company.

Most Small Medium Enterprises (SME) fail to recognize the onset of problems in one of the 6 vital constituents, due to lack of a good management environment. Most business processes are evolved in a trial and error approach. Hiring a qualified management professional is often a luxury which very few SMEs can afford.

Another issue facing the SMEs is adoption of technology. Very few SMEs invest in computr software applications due to the following two  reasons:

  1. Cost of acquiring software application.
  2. Cost of training in skills needed to use installed software applications.

Management By Projects is using time tested methods, techniques and processes that are used to manage projects in management of an organization’s regukar business operations.

GEMS (Gyanworx Enterprise Management Solutions) is a membership service aimed at providing management solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

GEMS membership is available at two levels:

  1. Enterprise Level – Small and Medium Enterprises can become members.
  2. Manager Level – Manager, Supervisors of Enterprise members can become members at this level.

An Enterprise member can enroll unlimited number of managers and supervisors in their payroll as Manager Member.



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