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Say No to Tutions

Say Yes To Smart Learning

It is a fact that tuition is a very stressful activity.After spending more than 7 hours at school, the child is forced to suffer another couple of hours – in a similar environment. This cruelty is thrust upon the child in order to secure the future of the child.

What if there is a less stressful way of learning?

Watching lecture videos is not a very effective way of learning.There is no interaction – it is one way communication. While watching a video, you are only a mute spectator.

An interactive learning environment helps you learn by doing.

Introducing interactive courses in

  1. Mathematics,
  2. Science (to be introduced shortly)
  3. Social Studies (to be introduced shortly)

for class 10 (will cover syllabi of CBSE and most State boards).

Very low fees! Only Rs 299.00 per subject. Enjpy access for life!